2020.júl. 1.
28 508 Megtekintés

Me and my girlfriend (Frida) try different asian food, including fermented food and a DUCK FOOT! This video was really funny to record and make. Most Swedish people haven't tried this kind of asian food!
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  • i didint know victor liked lil peep

    DallaserrDallaserr2 hónapja
  • I love your lil peep t-shirt

    zitir plzitir pl5 hónapja
  • Blizi liek my koment pls

    yusuf Nafiis kelanityusuf Nafiis kelanit5 hónapja
  • Go to China there’s a lot of nicer stuff than Chinese’s supper market there is some doggy stuff in Chinese supper market like the aids soy beans

    asain willyasain willy7 hónapja
  • 6:34 i am basically a Duck. but I sound like a dying Dolphin.

    Ste4lSte4l7 hónapja
  • 12:44 what she said

    MahubaMahuba8 hónapja
  • 7:36 yes I am asian and I eat kimchi which it tastes good and healthy

    ZeRoZeRo9 hónapja
  • Most exotic food in china *BAT/BAT SOUP*

    ZeRoZeRo9 hónapja
  • people : chinese victor : shainiz people : cheetos victor : shitos

    KacpertostKacpertost9 hónapja
  • "I'm a very picky eater" *Looks at him and tries to guess weight* Kimchi is fermented cabbage

    Fellow PersonFellow Person9 hónapja
  • Victor: that's what all the women tell me ;) Frida: *So you have choosen death?*

    hiimacrazyguyhiimacrazyguy10 hónapja
  • Budget anomaly but budget is really nice

    BlockIzOfficialBlockIzOfficial10 hónapja
  • i like your shirt

    Flyest AliveFlyest Alive10 hónapja
  • i love your t-shirt dude. rip lil peep. i also love you victor.

    stackkedstackked10 hónapja
  • Britland is definitely the best place for vaccination.

    Gian SkoulGian Skoul10 hónapja
  • love the shirt my thicc friend

    CrackHeadPlaysCrackHeadPlays10 hónapja
  • You were supposed to eat the fermented soybean with congee ;)

    Trevion WanTrevion Wan10 hónapja
  • Bro India

    BBOY ARMYBBOY ARMY10 hónapja
  • Come to visit Azerbaijan

    TheShocker GamingTheShocker Gaming10 hónapja
  • That lil peep shirt tho:)

    Bullet3000Bullet300010 hónapja
  • Victor is jobless but somehow can get a nice lookin kitchen AND a girlfriend ? *teach me your ways daddy*

    SynthicalSynthical10 hónapja
  • Try Latvian stuff, easy to get there from Sweden

    ArtisArtis10 hónapja
  • Try indian food fat man

    Ayush HalderAyush Halder10 hónapja
  • Victor congrats for 150 k subs

    Fordi Lo9Fordi Lo910 hónapja
  • Try lángos

    masonmason10 hónapja
  • In indonesian Chicken foot and duck foot is called Ceker (not sikir) sheykear

    Fordi Lo9Fordi Lo910 hónapja
    • Lu indo?

      Christian DustinChristian Dustin10 hónapja

    sasbytesasbyte10 hónapja
  • 1:34 why does victor screaming sound like homer lol

    VyzeVyze10 hónapja
  • Hey Blizy, I'm literally looking forward that you'll have a great year and success will bombard you. Don't mind the haters even though you just laugh it off but stay safe and live long to produce more great vids man! Much love from the Philippines

    James LeeJames Lee10 hónapja
    • Blizy, i’m always checking your acct on twitch and here on youtube if you are live or made another video ‘cause i just want to see some quality content videos

      James LeeJames Lee10 hónapja
    • Hey! Thank you so much for this kind comment. It means a lot to me, it really does. I wish you the best as well! ❤

      BlizyBlizy10 hónapja
  • I'm from romania and you should try the food from here

    Luca CrisanLuca Crisan10 hónapja
  • Anomaly + Jockiboi = This

    Alfred HAlfred H10 hónapja
  • Copying Ludde pt.2

    ACHOACHO10 hónapja
  • Broomstick:nah Cleaningshtick:nah Wemenweapon: *YES*

    Emmanuel BocconcelloEmmanuel Bocconcello10 hónapja
  • Hello gay man

    FOCUSFOCUS10 hónapja
  • Everyone else: Cheetos Victor : 0:55 Shitos

    cultureculture10 hónapja
  • get a job

    Konsky KokotKonsky Kokot10 hónapja
  • I actually live your IRL stuff. It’s so fun.

    mara budkamara budka10 hónapja
  • The peep shirt got me hard bro

    Reptile 1822Reptile 182210 hónapja

    Tormod jonassenTormod jonassen10 hónapja
  • Frida: wagyu beef is like chinese beef wagyu beef is like premium beef

    GarexGarex10 hónapja
  • Fucking love the lil peep T-shirt, the video was good as well

    Clapz maxClapz max10 hónapja
  • victor is the wish version of Anomaly

    DanskPippiFågelDanskPippiFågel10 hónapja
  • Even though Victor has a gf, that doesn't make him any less virgin.

    TROFTROF10 hónapja
  • Anomaly gang vs Kändis gang in cs?? Best of 3 maps... 1. Map: Train 2. Map: Mirage 3. Map: (both teams have to decide one map each and then coin flip) Hf!

    9Hell9Hell10 hónapja
  • Ur t shirt tho

    Hunter VgtHunter Vgt10 hónapja
  • with fries, yes?

    donkdonk10 hónapja
  • viktor has a very nice tshirt i have the same lol

    Nick clasher22Nick clasher2210 hónapja
  • Why are you like Anomaly?

    Galaxy BobaGalaxy Boba10 hónapja
  • its all good blizy i offend my pwn culture on a daily basis anyway

    j tj t10 hónapja
  • At the beginning I tough its his sister aswell but after I saw its his girlfriend im just happy for him! :D

    TanipsTanips10 hónapja
  • Mr Victor gibe money

    Blacky 6969Blacky 696910 hónapja
  • kimchi is a fermented Lettuce But Spicy

    carnagecarnage10 hónapja
  • try indian spicy food

    A DA D10 hónapja
  • ''fat guy eat gæ''

    Stellar FrostStellar Frost10 hónapja
  • I'm from Asia. Stay safe from Coronavirus dude.

    ACEZACEZ10 hónapja
  • Gais!

    NalaXDNalaXD10 hónapja
  • You can come in Romania to taste tradițional food!

    Mr. BIGGAMr. BIGGA10 hónapja
  • 2:42 look like middle finger! 😂😂

    Mr. BIGGAMr. BIGGA10 hónapja
  • O finaly got a job?

    Adam SobaszekAdam Sobaszek10 hónapja
  • Frieda Dutch?:)

    YordiYordi10 hónapja
  • Great video

    Chicken NuggetsChicken Nuggets10 hónapja
  • I also like lil peep

    Elin8 karlssonElin8 karlsson10 hónapja
  • His top knot makes me crave death

    Lucifer LuciLucifer Luci10 hónapja

    Dope BassBoyDope BassBoy10 hónapja
  • Träffa dig på Coop häromdan

    SchalzSchalz10 hónapja
  • wtf vi(c-k)tor musle HUGE!

    leon loncomillaleon loncomilla10 hónapja
  • go to Bosna i Hercegovina and try cevapi or bosanski lonac

    Spun3XSpun3X10 hónapja
  • Victor's lover is still Anomaly. The "girlfriend" is victor's caretaker

    legomanaslegomanas10 hónapja
    • @legomanas no victor is victor, not blizy

      IM BAROUDIM BAROUD9 hónapja
    • @Matess351 Pekara victor is blitzys brother

      legomanaslegomanas10 hónapja
    • Who is Victor this is Blitzy xdd

      Matess351 PekaraMatess351 Pekara10 hónapja
    • Si si

      F34RdesotoF34Rdesoto10 hónapja
  • Shitoss :)

    Wiktor ProchwiczWiktor Prochwicz10 hónapja
  • 1:00 did you say shitos or cheetos ?

    texnoniktexnonik10 hónapja

    chrischris10 hónapja
  • Victor can you eat dog?

    TempoTempo10 hónapja
  • Every Lil peep fan should like this video 😍

    AkiraAkira10 hónapja
  • U got also ligma

    Kla1zZKla1zZ10 hónapja
  • "i hate disgusting food by the way" Yes mr blizy

    TomilTomil10 hónapja
  • please do the netherlands next! we have many sweet things like stroowafels and poffertjes

    KazigKaasjeKazigKaasje10 hónapja
  • Wait how Victor big gay if he got girlfriend???????!!!!??!????

    ChaosmeChaosme10 hónapja
  • Do Germany next

    Onur AkbasOnur Akbas10 hónapja
  • "i am sorry if i offend your food country language" - Blizy 2020

    ScallyScally10 hónapja
  • Ur realy just doing anomaly shit in lower quality

    Valentin HuserValentin Huser10 hónapja
  • Thicc food

    the tomatothe tomato10 hónapja
  • Try serbia food

    HelplessHelpless10 hónapja
  • Blizy looks so much like the anomalys friend victor

    XantteboyXantteboy10 hónapja
  • oh that jobless anomaly that favs every comments again!

    ENdejZENdejZ10 hónapja
  • You know hes budget anomaly cuz he quoted papanomaly

    error 69error 6910 hónapja
  • is blizy wearing a lil peep tshirt are you depressed

    R3DWONGR3DWONG10 hónapja
  • Malaysian viewer here

    GafrionGafrion10 hónapja
  • Try Serbian food

    BunnyInnitBunnyInnit10 hónapja
  • Come for Victor. Stay for Frida.

    Jaka mikličJaka miklič10 hónapja
  • Very nice video keep up the good job

    Lambros GavalakisLambros Gavalakis10 hónapja
  • 6:30 , quarantine zoo

    Simon VSimon V10 hónapja
  • O mai gad Victor copying Ludde?

    veisveis10 hónapja
  • never knew you are a fan of lil peep🥺❤️

    Mohamed BayasiMohamed Bayasi10 hónapja
  • Pet store?

    BrandonBrandon10 hónapja
  • You should Come to Helsinki i can tour you

    anex npanex np10 hónapja
  • victor be vibin withe peep t shirt

    KleskKlesk10 hónapja
  • Anomaly at home :

    04.Bhreiman Haqi 9Mu'tah04.Bhreiman Haqi 9Mu'tah10 hónapja
  • Hello guys I am fat gayyyy!

    ErnisErnis10 hónapja
  • You should visit Poland cuz' the food here is so fucking great (Pierogi

    mySumySu10 hónapja
  • You should make a discord server

    matamata10 hónapja