EXTREME $1000 HIDE AND SEEK WITH CS:GO SKINS 2! (Ft. Anomaly, Senzura and Linda)

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I hid a bunch of CS:GO skins all over CS:GO maps. Whoever finds them first, get to keep them!
👉Giveaway: gleam.io/pnybY/blizy-x-csmoney-giveaway
👉Sponsor: cs.money/r/blizy
The skins are really expensive this time around and total amount is around $1000! If we hit 30k likes, I'll try to hide even crazier skins next time in hide and seek with csgo skins! Huge thanks to the sponsor for making this video possible!

🔸Senzura's twitch - Https://Twitch.tv/Senzura
🔸Anomaly's youtube - Https://HUworld.com/anomaly
🔸Linda's Twitch - Https://Twitch.tv/LindisXd
🔸Homeless merch: merch.streamelements.com/blizy
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  • Huge thanks to cs.money/r/blizy for sponsoring this video! Without them I wouldn't be able to hide such cool items. Make sure you go check them out and also that you join the giveaway in the description. I hope you all have a fantastic day and midsummer! (Maybe I make midsummer video, yes?)

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    • Hur är linda global

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    • this is awesome

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    • I got scammed of my Huntsman Damascus Factory New by CSMONEY

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    • Blizy CS skinbaron.de no Free ths Money

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    • :-^)

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  • next time make ludde play csgo with his night vision thingy

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  • Blizy more like glizzy

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  • 30k like's Blizy Time to waste some money ;)

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  • 30k likes now :D

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  • 8:21 call of duty game logos in 2060

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  • Thanks for the warning bro, was not wearing a headset

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  • 2:12 how tf were they suppose to find it without noclip?

    • If you continue watching the video, you will see how they found it. :)

  • Rich getting rich!

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  • Imagine giving skins to a millionaire 🤦🤦🤦

  • :(

  • I acctually kinda like ur pronunciation of “knife” better than saying it like “nife”

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  • Poor linda

  • Lets just say he took the same thumbnail idea from Mr Beast's 70 thousand dollars hide and seek

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  • När kan ni göra en Svensk video

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  • how does linda have global and anomaly only lem

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  • 😃

  • The hilarious pisces experimentally point because quiet comprehensively agree unlike a quiet floor. internal, observant freighter

  • Victor your laugh is like a cookie from Shrek 2

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  • Let’s play what you tuber did he trace for a thumbnail! A) him self b) mrbeast c) mrbeast

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  • Is there a good man who have a knife he never uses:) ill take ik for ☺ add my discord Tobias Grøn#2234

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  • Good

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  • damn blizy you saund like radal

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  • bro sv_cheats are set to 1 cuz he is nocliping and anomaly probobly is using r_drawothermodels 2

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  • fat

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  • hahahh the first knife found and anomaly saying "that was low hard or very upper medium thats was relly hard.XD hahahahahahahahahahahha

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  • Like how Linda is a better rank then anomaly

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  • 8:40 you're fucking legend

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  • shut up german naair

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  • Anomaly hacker :)

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  • huworld.info/flow/vide/y2xxz3qngs_Uf2c

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  • At 8:59 if you turn your volume all the way up you can hear someone farting

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  • dang i need some skins

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  • Hi Blizy im a boy and i play very much CS:GO and i not have a Knife and ny freinds and me much hyped if i g’et a Knife so Can you hvide a Knife on a map and i Can try to find it. 🤘🏼🤙🏻

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    • Hide

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    • My freinds

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  • Maybe r_drawothermodels 2, imagine😂

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  • comin in clutch with that warning

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  • @12:51 the snowman is deeply remembered in our memories RIP ;(

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  • should’ve done this with fans

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  • DO MORE OF THESE, such a good idea

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  • 8:03 gimme the unedited moment plz

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  • You sound little bit like anomaly

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  • Ludde är så bra på det här spelet! Jesus

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  • "blizy more like glizzy" - kim jong ung

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  • länge leve sverige.

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  • Anomaly be like: drawothermodels 2

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  • Ludde behöver inte mer knivar.

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  • Wtf det e ju typ 12000 kronor

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  • Why does this man have a deep anomaly voice

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  • Pogchamp😢

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  • USE csgoempire.com/r/1MLegit for free case on Legit website CSGOEmpire.

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  • r_drawothermodels 2?

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  • 8:46 THANK YOU

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  • 😀

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  • cs. money is scam

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  • Can i play with u? :D

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  • I'd love to go up against anomaly, I may be half peasant polish boy, but I'm more of a viking than him

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  • Why do you give skins to anomaly? He has 100k inv

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  • When linda said "im stuck" .......

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  • good ass video idea

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  • Did you use your parents money oh wait nvm

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  • Hide and seek with a hunter and a knife hidden on a hide and seek map

    CeeWeeCeeWee4 hónapja
    • @Blizy so you play a famous hide and seek map such as castle 2 which is a scary hide and seek map with one of your friends hunting to kill the seekers while theyre looking for the skins hidden around the map. If u dont like scary maps i'd recommend doing a different map by the same creator

      CeeWeeCeeWee4 hónapja
    • Please explain, this sounds fun :O

      BlizyBlizy4 hónapja
  • ))

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  • can you do one with your own viewers? maybe like 3 lucky viewers and stuff like that

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  • The gatt knajf

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  • 9:00 my headset has a sound thing that I roll down to lower and increase volume and I wanted to lower the volume and instead increased it to max sound

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    • hahahah

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  • Are you two actuslly gay?xD give me a skin too

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  • what is the stickers called on your awp fever dream combos so clean with it ?

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  • lower hard or high medium, that one was very hard

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  • are u from denmark

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  • Blizy, r u Nofwwgian? :c

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  • Jag älskar din engelska den låter så svenska men ändå engelsk. Bra video👍

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  • Thats fake ass fuck wtf

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  • its so good to hear 4 swedish ppl talk english with swedish accent lmao

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  • You are anomaly?

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  • no offence , sounds like a rip off anomaly

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  • Varför gör du rösten mörkare i alla intros sen blir den mycket ljusare??

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    • Spelade säkert in med 2 olika program. Ena kanske var Audacity ljudet och den andra från OBS.

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  • just a smile :D

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  • 8:38 MVP

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  • I change to headset

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  • English tip: when saying knife pronounce it like nife, since the k is silent

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    • I know. I pronounce it with K because I find it funny.

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  • The rich get richer

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