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I hid a bunch of CS:GO skins all over CS:GO maps. Whoever found them, got to keep them! Some of these skins are really expensive for me. If we get this video to 10k likes, I will definitely make another video like this!
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    BlizyBlizy11 hónapja
    • Oof

      Spoon ForhuSpoon Forhu10 hónapja
    • Finally content omegalul

      Malik 3zeezMalik 3zeez10 hónapja
    • next time do 9 statrrak dragon lores

    • yo love the idea, u must record more

      OnionLiquid93OnionLiquid9310 hónapja
    • @Blizy ofc, this is probably pretty retarded but wingman? VectorX on steam

  • Blizy give skin

    LysnnLysnn14 órája
  • anomaly 2.0

    yepz openingyepz opening2 napja
  • You are CS:GO Mr.Beast

    EkeZ BGEkeZ BG7 napja
  • hörde att du va svensk på 6s lol

    Liam TimourLiam Timour13 napja
  • "My Lover"

    GeneralGormGeneralGorm18 napja
  • 1:44 anomaly asmr

    SuperbSuperb21 napja
  • Lockne monster = jämtland?

    TomteTomte22 napja
  • Where are u from

    Gaming BoysGaming BoysHónapja
  • i like that it is the Mr. Beast thumbnail

    Matz Oscar LunderødMatz Oscar LunderødHónapja
  • Yes Viktor, give anomaly, the guy with every skin în the game, skins

  • What is the last map name on workshop?

    Hagiu RaresHagiu RaresHónapja
  • nice Dlore

    im german gut guyim german gut guy2 hónapja
  • I am a bit late but I think anomaly just r_drawithermodels 2 you

    KALDESKALDES2 hónapja
  • blizy: expensive skins also blizy: hides 2x the cheapest red skin in csgo

    ShadowKinGShadowKinG2 hónapja
  • Sup Glizy

    NeatPaceNeatPace2 hónapja
  • The sudden sardine concordantly concern because crown sadly stuff worth a useful control. public, tan governor

    HydroxHydrox2 hónapja
  • R_drawothermodel 2 :3

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  • 15:14 "polis"

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  • are you anomaly

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  • mp7 bloodsport= EGZBENSIV

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  • billy banger

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  • you are niga and i dont like you voice its so cringe and you content is so bad

    TOMPPELI110TOMPPELI1102 hónapja
  • anomlaly My GAY Lover Intensified

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  • 3 2 Alex No clip off 1

    Prod. by SnabelloneProd. by Snabellone2 hónapja
  • what is the last map called?

    Anthony DoroshenkoAnthony Doroshenko2 hónapja
  • I bet someone used r_drawothermodels 2 because sv_cheats 1 was on

    MyyräMyyrä2 hónapja
  • imagine this with a custom map with hidden rooms made to look like a maze

    Sun TzuSun Tzu3 hónapja
  • Why horror mushic?

    Parkstergamer8Parkstergamer83 hónapja
  • Why do anomaly and blizy sound the same

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  • behind the planka lmao

    supershellsupershell3 hónapja
  • You should do this with subs if you havent already

    WarLordHypeWarLordHype3 hónapja
  • Why are you giving those skins to guys who already has skins? Why don’t you take like random people and five those to them?

    RasmusRasmus3 hónapja
  • make more of these videos pleaseeee

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  • Anomaly #2

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  • Anomaly from eBay

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  • This video makes my mood better :) ,I was bullied by Koreans/Chinese/Japanese people ago.

    240ms240ms3 hónapja
  • HIDE AND SEEK WITH CS:GO SKINS! *gives all skins to rich guy*

    MacoPaco VzlaMacoPaco Vzla3 hónapja
  • I Love Anomaly, hacks and seizure

    Scheila HackScheila Hack3 hónapja
  • Are you swedish?

    Max _XDMax _XD3 hónapja
  • r_drawothermodels 2 ...............................

    DaniDani3 hónapja
  • victor just straight up drowns the awp

    Jose NatanielJose Nataniel3 hónapja
  • 6th minute and Ya boy Anomaly froma Sweden already has 3 skins

    Mr.SourSoupMr.SourSoup3 hónapja
  • They could have typed “r_drawothermodels 2” into the developer console and hey would’ve seen the gun models

    Anthony DoroshenkoAnthony Doroshenko3 hónapja
  • The lockness monster omg anomaly is too funny

    HuntsHunts3 hónapja
  • do all swedes sound like anomaly

    Brenden CampbellBrenden Campbell3 hónapja
  • 16:20 what is this map it looks so fkn cool

    Fresh TigerFresh Tiger3 hónapja
  • RIP 3 guy :c

    Polish HussarPolish Hussar3 hónapja
  • Pov he find it and keep for a 1game

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  • You should all do more of these

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  • Anomaly used r_drawothermodels 2

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  • ViktorBeast.

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  • Do one with subscribers and signed skins, i would do it for a gray blizy signed skin

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  • Can you trade me something plizz

    3 hónapja
  • give me grotto

    NoodleHeadNoodleHead3 hónapja
  • Blizzi was a famous german minecraft cheater back in the day

    leonleon3 hónapja
  • try whit subscribers,but blue and purple skin to do a lot of videos:)

    Dudu RenuDudu Renu4 hónapja

    CreamCream4 hónapja
  • Wow very nice video giving skins for people who makes thousands of dollars a day from cs

    LarkinLarkin4 hónapja
  • I’m looking for necrozma not lugia :(

    GhostFire fireGhostFire fire4 hónapja
  • I want free skinnn :(((((

    Music Listener BGMusic Listener BG4 hónapja
  • Nobody : Anomaly : r_drawothermodels 2

    汗JUNUS汗JUNUS4 hónapja
  • Hi Victor Are you fat like anomaly? If yez then I have zeen you in heezz viedeo.

    Mateusz ByMateusz By4 hónapja
    • Like in buying guitar for papa video...

      Mateusz ByMateusz By4 hónapja
  • anomaly cheater

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  • anomaly be like r_drawothermodels 2

    JaggyJaggy4 hónapja
  • i feel bad for alex :(

    DeerDropper43DeerDropper434 hónapja
  • Kan vi spela cs någon gång?

    NadeNoobNadeNoob4 hónapja
  • Am I the only one that sees that all the guns he hides are better than the ones he personally uses

    Jakob MG gaming Dk GadeJakob MG gaming Dk Gade4 hónapja
  • making profits by giving profits

    Tappy TapTappy Tap4 hónapja
  • pls make this on dust ll

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  • Oh what a surprise, the rich get richer

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  • ho lee sheet this was 6 months ago

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  • this is really fun idea!

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  • r_drawothermodels 1 i bet anomaly used it to find the skins xd

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  • what is a map 15.00

    Roman ZdychavskýRoman Zdychavský7 hónapja
  • victor has anomaly in these so he steal him viewerss

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  • You sound like anomaly

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  • 17:49 Victor : I can see you guys like a little rat Haix : im rat))

    Davianno FarrelDavianno Farrel7 hónapja
  • the rich get richer

    AquafoxAquafox7 hónapja
  • 1:38 low sens and 10 euro mouse players be like

    sswegysswegy7 hónapja
  • This is your third video that I'm watching, (I started playing CS:GO a few months ago, so I haven't even watched CS-related videos before.) It was really a lot of fun to watch, especially to hear Anomaly who keep saying "This is fun, I have fun" sounds like an excited kid, which is really nice to see nowadays. This video literally describes the sentence: “Never grow up,its a trap".Really like your content, just keep going with good stuff:)

    ThatOne_ Gri_I_IllThatOne_ Gri_I_Ill7 hónapja
  • 2 papa

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  • sometimes I just think you're anomaly

    flamingagoflamingago7 hónapja
  • CSGO valve earn by hacking and cheating. Valve software tolerates cheats without it they cant make money. Cheat are unresolved since then for several years.

    world peaceworld peace7 hónapja
  • When Blizy burped, I smelt that.

    Zeyad FouadZeyad Fouad8 hónapja
  • 17:44 whats this map called?

    Paradox'CParadox'C8 hónapja
  • victor said "you guys want a weird tip" i thought he was going to say penis

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  • 404 error dislike button not found

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  • next time go in spec mode :D if they are searching :P

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  • one more

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  • so the richest person got all the skins whilst alex is here like :/

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  • "à lot of moula" I'm crying 🤣🤣😂

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  • bro you are anomileys alt or you guys are borthers beacuse you guy have the sam hair cut and you guys bolth fat and bolth have acne

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  • Hi anomaly

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  • i really liked the video so cool and very good idea

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  • Why did they remove the old maps like Aztec and that forest one

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