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Me and Haix paid a random girl to play with us. It was a lot of fun, but also awkward. :)
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  • what the fakkkkkkk haix is good at singing?!?!

    A friendly Norwegian guyA friendly Norwegian guy2 napja
  • Damn Haix do be singing real good

    Shafkat ChowdhuryShafkat Chowdhury15 napja
  • "They all look the same"

    Pringleking 89Pringleking 89Hónapja
  • hmmmmm nice grill i like beef

    Mr. WizardMr. WizardHónapja
  • if haix was singing while anomaly was around he would just scream, not sing

    • @Crynaotlod true!

  • I feel like i gona jump of a brige 10:13

  • Haix might not have a good eye but he definitely has a really good voice

    BlueJ_ PlayZBlueJ_ PlayZHónapja
  • haix singing poggers

    Nathaniel ClaytonNathaniel ClaytonHónapja
  • Victor, how r u doin? - comeback when ure ready. We will be awaiting)

    Mr.piton CapitonMr.piton CapitonHónapja
  • heix singing is actually pretty good

    Átyesz PápeszÁtyesz Pápesz2 hónapja
  • 9:50 I was expecting the Russian national anthem

    RyogukHaNRyogukHaN2 hónapja
  • haix voice is nice

    MR SwedMR Swed2 hónapja
  • Haix hillarios

    zed xdzed xd2 hónapja
  • 10:00 simp

    FBIFBI2 hónapja
  • haix is gay

    DenizDeniz3 hónapja

    Enrique PršljaEnrique Pršlja3 hónapja
  • Fuck me this shit is so funny😆😅🤣

    Enrique PršljaEnrique Pršlja3 hónapja
  • “Do you want to play kanter stirik?”

    Whilliam NilssonWhilliam Nilsson3 hónapja
  • When you talked about meeting, it just got gradually weirder and weirder.

    SsprinklesSsprinkles3 hónapja
  • funny af

    pociuspocius4 hónapja
  • “Norfolk” “No fuck?”

    CameroniCameroni4 hónapja
  • 9:59

    HEZENSSScsHEZENSSScs4 hónapja
  • wtf Haix can sing, damn

    Fredde BulaFredde Bula4 hónapja

    Azhy_Azhy_4 hónapja
  • oh okay i thought haix was fucking around when he was goint to sing but holy shit htats quite nice

    TorstenTorsten5 hónapja
  • I expected haix to just sing in a joking way but he’s actually so good. Id rather listen to him than shawn mendes. Good job

    YesYes5 hónapja
  • The second hand embarrassment is real

    _ typparn_ typparn5 hónapja
  • man haix singing hella beautiful

    Damjan NovakovičDamjan Novakovič5 hónapja
  • brooo haix is good with this gutiar :O

    mister twistermister twister5 hónapja
  • Girl:You guys sound mature Blizy: kanterstirik global

    V0RT3XV0RT3X5 hónapja
  • Haix is realy good singer

    SaperSaper6 hónapja
  • Virgin Russian SticK Singing to a women

    DaMelonSliceDaMelonSlice6 hónapja
  • I'm *Terribly white* *Battle scarred white* 😀

    ZeRoZeRo6 hónapja
  • why haix sing not the russian national anthem?

    Mörsel HDMörsel HD6 hónapja
  • 4:35 man i need to know the name of this photo. Anyone to help me to find theme

    A-Normal.YA-Normal.Y7 hónapja
  • Damn haix is sooo good at singing

    AdummAdumm7 hónapja
  • So cringe and good at the same time da fuk

    asain willyasain willy7 hónapja
  • Haix can sing?;-;

    ZotechZotech7 hónapja
  • Viktor jag dog nästan när du sa "britland of united"

    RipMister_pcRipMister_pc7 hónapja
  • Do more videos like this with haix it was funny video man dab

    MagiskeLeoMagiskeLeo8 hónapja
  • HaiX and I*

    Lohco PohcoLohco Pohco8 hónapja
  • What the fuck haix can sing?!??

    - Unknown- Unknown8 hónapja
  • Make more vids with haix

    SniorSSniorS8 hónapja
  • Man Even that girl (6:50) have job and you cant get a job like wtf hahah

    _DidaBalkan_ YT__DidaBalkan_ YT_8 hónapja
  • 4:15 I know moon personally.. had to pay 2300 dollars.

    VaktmästarenVaktmästaren8 hónapja
  • Haix shawn mendes confirmed?!?!?!

    Julian LocsinJulian Locsin8 hónapja
  • haix's singing made my pp go hard

    captain pricecaptain price8 hónapja
  • This guy Rubenhetracevarken is from my country his name means rubentheracingpig XD nice video love this content

    JustJokeyJustJokey8 hónapja
  • me talks to a girl: pls man. That's why i don't have a girlfriend.

    DeekayDeekay8 hónapja
  • Haix the singing stick XD

  • holy fuck haix singing is the best thing i have watched today

    Family Guy KazzyFamily Guy Kazzy8 hónapja
  • wtf Haix ?? XDD first quitoin do you watch homosexual hentai ? XDDD im dead xDD

    KNR StiXKNR StiX8 hónapja
  • 9:01 lmfao

    MicroMicro9 hónapja
  • Britland of united

    Max OlssonMax Olsson9 hónapja
  • Is that anomalys face in the thumbnail

    Xian Paul LapiraXian Paul Lapira9 hónapja
  • haix can really sing 😳

    lil skylil sky9 hónapja
  • 10:30 hahaha 😂

  • simp

    Renaa CortesRenaa Cortes9 hónapja
  • Pilis man lol

    Krigan HongKrigan Hong9 hónapja
  • i speak london...

    getto leukisgetto leukis9 hónapja
  • 9:01 shes one of those girls who let their brother play and they just watch and talk.

    danial csgodanial csgo9 hónapja
  • Best part of the video: shawn singen

    GyldenlevGyldenlev9 hónapja
  • i am to like homer sexsual hentai

    rasmus Laurrasmus Laur9 hónapja
  • Haix is a very good singer and guitarist, like seriously. Wtf that was so fucking good man.

    MartinRGMartinRG9 hónapja
  • Next moment Haix sings Russian anthem FOR TEH MOTHERLANDS XD

    Bok -Bok -9 hónapja
  • yoooo please make more with her that shit would be so funny

    RezolutionRezolution9 hónapja
  • Is that a treehard female version

    Notorious DonerNotorious Doner9 hónapja
  • Please do more of Fiver contents, I enjoyed watching it

    Aki ZeyaAki Zeya9 hónapja
  • Simps

    [OFFICIAL] EnVy[OFFICIAL] EnVy10 hónapja
  • Goddamn no joke that singin was lit, haix is good at basketball, csgo, singing and being a virgin, great job "Shawn"

    Matija MladenovićMatija Mladenović10 hónapja
  • 4:27 why you type CSGO and not KSGO? haha

    p11_anp11_an10 hónapja
  • Victor talking to women :0

    RockRock10 hónapja
  • haix fucking good ate singing not a joke

    jackifnattjackifnatt10 hónapja
  • 4:13 look at the bottom dm O_O mans been playing with these girels for al ong time

    doxy gcdoxy gc10 hónapja
  • did he try? 10:22

    K0TTLETK0TTLET10 hónapja
  • 10:20 im very sorry for you @Haix... She laughed

    Damn letoa.Damn letoa.10 hónapja
  • WoW Haix can sing :o

    sejkacek72CzEsejkacek72CzE10 hónapja
  • i lowkey cringe when haix is singing

    William ValgaardWilliam Valgaard10 hónapja
  • haix sounds like a gulag mob but when he sings wtf lol

    DraksHyperDraksHyper10 hónapja
  • Isn't it weird that we actualy have sites to buy girls to play with u? Its like a difrent form of a sexworker. But than not realy sex related. I think it might be better then buying a whore its even way more fun.

    FluffyBallsFluffyBalls10 hónapja
  • I thought Haix will sing USSR anthem and I felt dissapointed.

    Big Savage GBig Savage G10 hónapja

    IsakIsak10 hónapja
  • Is thsi anomaly

    VBTVBT10 hónapja
  • halalpeek xd

    hahaPajnhahaPajn10 hónapja

    DrAmirFZDrAmirFZ10 hónapja

    DunteDunte10 hónapja
  • simp

    Skeleb0nerSkeleb0ner10 hónapja
  • Bad copy of Joispoi :(

    Free SyriaFree Syria10 hónapja
  • why is haix playing cs he should sing in bar hehe

    OliezOliez10 hónapja
  • no one: girl: "i just feel really desperate.."

    feintfeint10 hónapja
  • *SIMP*

    3riik3riik10 hónapja
  • shawn fuckin snapping

    Woodz Prod.Woodz Prod.10 hónapja
  • When i heard that Haix is gonna sing i thought he will start screaming the Russian Anthem.

    CornCorn10 hónapja
  • like for haix song

    Melker WesterMelker Wester10 hónapja
  • click

    flex_luther555flex_luther55510 hónapja
  • 10:00 actually wholesome haix moment

    SootySix 872SootySix 87210 hónapja
  • he can sing god damn

    hakim vart är duhakim vart är du10 hónapja
  • The 2nd was lowkey chill

    Max1281Max128110 hónapja
  • i gotta be honest i came here for haix not the girls

    C1ue1essC1ue1ess10 hónapja
  • I've only heard haix scream his anthem I never thought he could actually sing wtf

    GNISSLAGNISSLA10 hónapja