Making it look easy in Valorant

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Hope you guys enjoy this video of me playing Valorant and making it look easy doing so! :)
I will be uploading more CSGO and Vlogs really soon. :heart:
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  • It's some type of CS?

    Overlord MovingOverlord MovingHónapja
  • you are pretty damn good Victor.

    Pu5sy DevourerPu5sy Devourer6 hónapja
  • gais

    Rasmus MöllerRasmus Möller6 hónapja
  • u highkey sexy

    duck gamingduck gaming7 hónapja
  • Didnt look easy at all, looks pretty average 😂

    FiskerNFiskerN7 hónapja
  • Don't u already have a 240hz monitor cheaterman?

    Kire TVKire TV7 hónapja
  • go back to cs

    Martin TodorovMartin Todorov7 hónapja
  • true legend

    F4k3 N4m3F4k3 N4m37 hónapja
  • Viktor, om du undrar över ett spel som du kanske skulle gillar rekommenderar jag Rust, det är ett sjukt beroende rikt spel, om man börjar komma in i spelet så kan man inte sluta, och om du behöver hjälp ifall du vill börja med det så har jag 2000 timmar, om du ska köra det adda DC: aksel#0344

    ImAkselImAksel7 hónapja
  • U liteaely talk like anomaly

    K kK k7 hónapja
  • if u reach 1m subs tell us anomaly's full name and face :)

    TemoshiTemoshi7 hónapja
  • I just bought a 144hz monitor for my birthday, but my pc is doing only 90-10 fps in valorant ;-;

    AvoMilaXAvoMilaX7 hónapja
  • Has anomaly made another channel ???

    whosjoecwhosjoec7 hónapja
  • Why he have like 400 likes he should have had 100000 by this time

    Edah mekicEdah mekic7 hónapja
  • Msi has the very good monitors

    BonkszBonksz7 hónapja
  • I actually have been looking for a new monitor to buy so i'll put this one into consideration

    TynanTynan7 hónapja
    • It's really good!

      BlizyBlizy7 hónapja
  • sick video bro keep up the sick vids. hope you get more sponsors man.

    VyzeVyze7 hónapja
  • i do not like your cut g

    per_petualper_petual7 hónapja
  • hola

    SpogsSpogs7 hónapja
  • Are you Omen main Victor?

    Gab LozanoGab Lozano7 hónapja
    • Yep!

      BlizyBlizy7 hónapja
  • Finally a sponsor, Blizy needs to be recognized and not as anomaly's sidekick

    Gerard FrancisqueteGerard Francisquete7 hónapja
  • I mean its bc valorant is easy

    Booster WeedBooster Weed7 hónapja
  • Valorant trash

    James WoodsJames Woods7 hónapja
  • why your head be lookn like a thumb.

    Dillon BurkeDillon Burke7 hónapja
    • @Blizy hahahah your still a legend ;p

      Dillon BurkeDillon Burke7 hónapja
    • Unlucky

      BlizyBlizy7 hónapja
  • Bro i saw ur pics on insta, ur literally a bodybuilder

    Samuel UrbSamuel Urb7 hónapja
    • I am fat.

      BlizyBlizy7 hónapja

    SupahSquid 0SupahSquid 07 hónapja
  • yay a video

    stas bibastas biba7 hónapja
  • Nice :-)

    Abolfazl HatamiAbolfazl Hatami7 hónapja
  • AuriuzAuriuz7 hónapja
  • Fix your hair

    CzechFalčonCzechFalčon7 hónapja
  • bruh HAHAHA

    brylle cafongtanbrylle cafongtan7 hónapja
  • Very nice homeless man has skiks

    SkellytonesSkellytones7 hónapja
  • Pleas stop doin Valorant vids, they are doin dirt view-wise

    DuckslyDucksly7 hónapja
  • Under rated channel

    Jesus DickinsonJesus Dickinson7 hónapja
  • valorant.... smh

    PMTheDragonitePMTheDragonite7 hónapja
  • Y does victor looks like the rich kid in jhonny test

    IncognitoIncognito7 hónapja
  • yo victor can u give an advise how to improve my aim?

    Лил НасвайЛил Насвай7 hónapja
    • @kristian andani thx

      Лил НасвайЛил Насвай7 hónapja
    • Start dating boys

      kristian andanikristian andani7 hónapja
  • 30 minutes in there is not even 1k views

    ho kakitho kakit7 hónapja
  • Good luck bero

    EGOEGO7 hónapja
  • Give pc yes >:]

    widepeepo happywidepeepo happy7 hónapja
  • That thumb long

    Gregory LotterGregory Lotter7 hónapja
  • Damn flexinja ate a bit today

    CielCiel7 hónapja
  • How are u Victor? Long time no see xd. Btw how much kgs have u lost yet?

    FragmentFragment7 hónapja
    • @Blizy well if ur going to the gym and eating properly, most of the fat will convert into muscle, so if u end up loosing like 20kg-s, you are gonna be very good looking and handsome man xd.

      FragmentFragment7 hónapja
    • I've lost ~8kg so far. I plan on losing like 15kg more as well as converting a lot into muscle.

      BlizyBlizy7 hónapja
  • yay a valorant video said no one ever

    beatmeatbeatmeat7 hónapja
  • Anomaly is gay. Very nice. 👌

  • We love you Victor :heart:

    Pr0FaXPr0FaX7 hónapja
  • saying hello victor until anomaly replies day 6

    Kaktus BertKaktus Bert7 hónapja
  • :o

    ZurahZurah7 hónapja
  • he really said :heart: in the desc smh

    CaMoCaMo7 hónapja
    • he really did that smh

      Giovanni RachmanGiovanni Rachman7 hónapja
    • Haha he doesn't know you can press window key +. To open windows emoji section

      ZupahZupah7 hónapja

    HACK3RHACK3R7 hónapja
    • Its THE shit

      kristian andanikristian andani7 hónapja
  • early gang

    LoundLound7 hónapja
  • victor's aim becomes supernatural because of the energy drink bath

    andiaashhandiaashh7 hónapja
  • Let's gooooo Victooooooor.

    AromaticAromatic7 hónapja
  • very nice video victor i love you men

    R3DWONGR3DWONG7 hónapja
  • Victor like this or you gei

    Ian Caesar CSGOIan Caesar CSGO7 hónapja
  • very nice with a new video (:

    Noah ErikssonNoah Eriksson7 hónapja
  • Hey blizy love your content. I have a question for u csgo or valorant? hope you reed this... Love from georgia❤️❤️

    nodusnodus7 hónapja
    • @Blizy 👌👌

      Fordi Lo9Fordi Lo96 hónapja
    • I like both games! ❤

      BlizyBlizy7 hónapja
  • 14 views 23 likes that's what I like to see

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  • notification gang~

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  • I am gay.

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    • same dude

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    asostotasostot7 hónapja
  • very excited. Im happy you get sponser. Have a good day Victor

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  • penis music.

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  • yeooooo early gang please respond

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  • First

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  • 16 seconds ago :o

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  • Hi

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  • Hello bich

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  • Helo gais

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