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Special thanks to Skinport for sponsoring this video! I hope you guys enjoy my Girlfriend, aka Frida guessing cs:go skin prices. It was very difficult for her, but she tried! :D
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Name: Victor
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  • Send me stuff to my P.O box and I love you many much! Address is in description :D

    BlizyBlizy10 hónapja
    • why voice similar like anomaly

      Gerald BuzoGerald BuzoHónapja
    • Can i send condom with hole?

      fat neekfat neek9 hónapja

      Delta IDDelta ID10 hónapja
    • Okay when you say she is your girlfriend i got so confused the first time because one video she was ur sister and one she was ur girlfriend i thought some alabama shit going on

      Str4XterStr4Xter10 hónapja
    • @Blizy why remove my comment?

      XxJOxXXxJOxX10 hónapja
  • frida linda?

    Average FanAverage Fan12 napja
  • I thought u are gay like Anomaly

    Ovsjah SchweinefresserOvsjah Schweinefresser16 napja
  • wait this guy has a girl and i dont what is happeninggggggggggg

  • I thought you're gay

  • Zoom in on her face when she realises the price so we see the reaction.

  • A tip is to zoom in on ur gf in the beggining when yoy said its ya boi fat. Her look was worth zooming in on

  • You can see she just wants to have sex, but victor is gay

    Pubce gamingPubce gamingHónapja
  • 4:59 $69420

    Szymon SamarukSzymon SamarukHónapja
  • simp

    BespiGTBespiGT2 hónapja
  • You know something's wrong when Victor looks more like a girl than his gf.

    Dávid FeješDávid Feješ2 hónapja
  • 70000feet 0 from space is it and I have no problem getting a 0 year contract at a higher price but is not going on my mind for free but is a little less likely that 0 to play the game at home and then I would have

    DreamDream4 hónapja
  • Dont act like you ever had sex in your life. Fat gay

    MorizMoriz4 hónapja
  • Your girlfreind is kinda cute do my Guy XD älskar dina videor

    TTVMistro :3TTVMistro :35 hónapja
  • Good thing Anomaly wasn't there because he would have been doxxing you the whole time.

    Pu5sy DevourerPu5sy Devourer6 hónapja
  • Wth i think 530 for karambit im close XD

    DzOoi OwODzOoi OwO8 hónapja
  • Father Fat and Sister Frida (to all ds3 veterans lmao)

    Timo PrlimoTimo Prlimo8 hónapja
  • Listen Victor. I know Anomaly is inspiration to you but your style is too similar :/ I bet u can do better than being anomaly #2

    macitrikmacitrik8 hónapja
  • i thought u gay

    Samaka _Samaka _9 hónapja
  • Penis pattern at least 450 keys

    MicroMicro9 hónapja
  • u look like a karen

    JoWJoW9 hónapja
  • only thing you need to ask is why you love me hahahahahahaha

    rasmus Laurrasmus Laur9 hónapja
  • Victor : 4:29 Me gets flashbscks : its the best pattern its the best pattern papaaa

    DÀÑGÈRDÀÑGÈR9 hónapja
  • what did skinport used to be called? it looks like a reskin of another site ive seen

    im too uncreativeim too uncreative9 hónapja
  • Bruh anomlay gave you the idea but still cool video

    Mykyta TschaeppaetMykyta Tschaeppaet9 hónapja
    • We gave eachother the idea, since we were speaking about doing a vid like these long time ago. Remember, just because I'm first or Anomaly is first with the upload - doesn't mean it was his idea first or something like that. Happy you enjoyed the vid ❤

      BlizyBlizy9 hónapja
  • is incest legal in sweden/malta

    Sipping TeesSipping Tees9 hónapja
  • 6:10 "When I see this kinda pattern I think about a 12 year old eating rocks."

    Vic Van DoninckVic Van Doninck9 hónapja
  • ur hair make u looks like lesbian eheh

    Sam WhiteSam White9 hónapja
  • You girlfriend looks like she is dying inside with a smile.

    R0aR0a9 hónapja
  • "The butholle is getting kind of old" Victor 2020

    Ojeng_playOjeng_play9 hónapja
  • abusing cant blyattt

    DeeKayZDeeKayZ9 hónapja
  • u are walmart version of anomaly xD

    Ben MichelBen Michel9 hónapja
  • But where’s the job though?

    Alonso AparicioAlonso Aparicio9 hónapja
  • Nice buty family

    غزل کیوانیغزل کیوانی9 hónapja
  • fun to see that you upload videos man but try to have a bit more energy, it really adds. and maybe some more happy background music. i think you can go far :)

    sniffsniff9 hónapja
  • Hotdogs

    Szymon DekoSzymon Deko9 hónapja
  • She looks similar too you, only like a man

    Dagda Mor 187Dagda Mor 1879 hónapja
  • frida my dog neghbers name

    oktookto9 hónapja
  • So anomaly has girlfriend ? Wtf

    flipflapflopflipflapflop9 hónapja
  • do you have a girlfriend?, i thought you was gay....

    Felix HanssonFelix Hansson9 hónapja
  • you need some anomalys barber shop :D:D:D

    Jan GajdzicaJan Gajdzica9 hónapja

    HellMcHellMc9 hónapja
  • She a gold digger ong

    Le ClownLe Clown9 hónapja

    Anne BjørnAnne Bjørn9 hónapja
  • "1/400 to get a knife" xd idk why but Obi is an exception to this rule

    YetzbikerYetzbiker9 hónapja
  • He Sounds Like Anomaly :/

    AzertyAzerty10 hónapja
  • dont bully blizy

    Paul Martin Ryan A. CrisologoPaul Martin Ryan A. Crisologo10 hónapja
  • Your profile picture the best ever btw

    GamerkockaGamerkocka10 hónapja
  • Fix posture

    Jordan Heckinger DanielJordan Heckinger Daniel10 hónapja
  • Dont lose her like anomaly

    vaporvapor10 hónapja

    Kur Nuklydęs?Kur Nuklydęs?10 hónapja
  • Why he have same voice like Anomaly😂❤️????

    InfinityInfinity10 hónapja
  • well unlike ludde, you have a physical girlfriend lol

    d1zzy_75d1zzy_7510 hónapja
  • you have girlfriend?

    TheNoobertNoobieTheNoobertNoobie10 hónapja
  • OMG MAD 😰😰😰

    Samuel-Joseph ParrySamuel-Joseph Parry10 hónapja
  • Can you do a tutorial on how to get a girlfriend if fat?

    TPF W0LFzZTPF W0LFzZ10 hónapja
  • do you have a job now ?

    littlekingsimolittlekingsimo10 hónapja
  • Had fn dlore back in the day for 1.5k and sold it for 1.9k. with crown foil. thought i made a sweet deal.... *putsonclownmake-up"

    - mostrandomnerd- mostrandomnerd10 hónapja
  • I wonder if Blizy will see this XD

    FinaweFinawe10 hónapja
  • How much did you pay for that type of girlfriend?

    MennoMenno10 hónapja
  • ☑ simping ☐ not simping

    •ralleballe••ralleballe•10 hónapja
  • Wait you have a girlfriend?

    Nils0nNils0n10 hónapja
  • Yay he’s finally not a virgin

    R e e lR e e l10 hónapja
  • pls stop copy anomaly... you could have your own content

    str4tegixstr4tegix10 hónapja
  • Ιs this your sister??

    Γιωργος ΚωνσταντοπουλοςΓιωργος Κωνσταντοπουλος10 hónapja
  • Wtf i shocked when realizes u have a gf.

    Viivahatus PwViivahatus Pw10 hónapja
  • Imagine using skin port when skinbaron exists

    Pokémon music highlightsPokémon music highlights10 hónapja
  • When you stop copying analmolly please be other fat person he is gay Swedish from free space

    NEONGEXNEONGEX10 hónapja
  • lol, clickbait.

    Big DaddyBig Daddy10 hónapja
  • nice hair but let me remind, you still dont have a job

    binerbiner10 hónapja
  • I think it is youst anomaly wit a nother mask jk

    TSGlatjoTSGlatjo10 hónapja
  • hi idol,ill watch ur video,give me any trash skins☹️☹️♥️♥️Thankyou and Godbless

    joseph canlasjoseph canlas10 hónapja
  • s1mp

    tattitatti10 hónapja
  • Hi Fat nice to meet you.

    ramboiiramboii10 hónapja
  • You sond like anomaly

    SsabiniSSsabiniS10 hónapja
  • fix your hair

    Dutch_GoatDutch_Goat10 hónapja
  • OMG HAS VICTORR GOT A GIRLFRIEND! i didnt think girls liked 6000 pounds guys!

    Tha Goat MeWeTha Goat MeWe10 hónapja
  • Hunch back of Notre Dame looking ass

    LustereclipsLustereclips10 hónapja
  • Ive heared blizy have "KHBA" In ur house its haramm blizy

    Step_-BroStep_-Bro10 hónapja
  • Stop pretending you have a girlfriend

    Loll OlLoll Ol10 hónapja
  • I thought it would be anomaly in a wig Im impressed

    PoopiePoopie10 hónapja
  • Victor is the wish version of anomaly

    DanskPippiFågelDanskPippiFågel10 hónapja
  • Who is girl here?

    Марко ВелковскиМарко Велковски10 hónapja
  • Bro I don`t want your chain to kill you

    tabitabi10 hónapja
  • a

    AuriuzAuriuz10 hónapja
  • You are anomaly?

    Fekete ImreFekete Imre10 hónapja
  • Are you grandpa

    iskä 77iskä 7710 hónapja
  • Plot twist : Its alex.

    Abednego MarvelAbednego Marvel10 hónapja
  • when will u get actual job?

    Nicholas Gavin PelayoNicholas Gavin Pelayo10 hónapja
  • Well thats fair, you dont have a job but have a GF, and Ludde has neither

    Nicolai SmirnovNicolai Smirnov10 hónapja
  • Girlfriend you mean paid actor?

    ruskiturboruskiturbo10 hónapja
  • You are awesome :D

    mrFoxy123mrFoxy12310 hónapja
  • I bet the girlfriend after the vid is saying soooooooooooooo “ u own these guns “ blink* blink*

    -opposite-opposite10 hónapja

    LoGo ZipLoGo Zip10 hónapja
  • "hanlo gais, its ya b0i f a t" better intro than anomaly? hmmm.

    CastiCasti10 hónapja
  • i cant distinguish wich one is the GF

    DiogoDiogo10 hónapja
  • Imagine having a thing called girl.

    ErkizErkiz10 hónapja
  • girlfriend? Incest? Alabama?

    A cute NutA cute Nut10 hónapja
  • Victor: ill start going to the gym Some months later: looks exactly the same Lav u victor

    Ug9ndaaUg9ndaa10 hónapja
  • Honestly she looks like your mother not girlfriend

    JawbreakJawbreak10 hónapja