My thoughts on CS:GO and Valorant! (Do you think CS:GO will die?)

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Here are my thoughts on "is valorant going to kill cs:go". Let me know what you think! Do you agree with what I said in the video? Do you disagree?
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  • Just to be clear! I am still going to play CS:GO. I enjoy both CS:GO and Valorant.

    • Valorant is fun at beginning but when u play for some time, it gets booring and just wanna go back to CSGO. Why the fuck they make similar game like CSGO. CSGO is the God of God of all the game in the market right now... Alright ..

      RodonRodon8 hónapja
    • thank god

      himasihimasi11 hónapja
    • I liked your comment first one xD

      Kire TVKire TVÉvvel
  • If CS GO doesn’t makes itself better it’s gonna lose lots of players

    Digvijay PatilDigvijay Patil9 hónapja
  • u fucking serious dude, i just hear this "1 million players playing csgo! what a achievement!" then this game in roblox gets 1.6m players... fuck dude... and thats just one of the games that roblox has... just imagine.

    r3xSeanr3xSean11 hónapja
  • Competition is very healthy and Riot will surpass CS like they did to DOTA if Valve does not compete. This will cause a cascade effect of both companies making bigger and greater leaps in both server side technology and refined gameplay. Super excited for whats to come for both games.

  • csgo fucking dead valve dont care about cheaters

    Matej BodnarMatej BodnarÉvvel
  • Do you know why I think csgo wont die. Its been 8 years, and csgo hasnt died. if its only getting better, its gonna last a while. Valorant is not getting THAT many players. its like apex legends, it was expected to be the new fortnite. but instead it died im a month. The same thing will happen for valorant (No hate on valorant)

  • viewers from the future, remember, it was valves fault.

  • I played valorant for the first time and I played for the whole day in my head I kept telling myself wow this game is so awesome I am having so much fun but then at the end of the day I played a couple faceit matches and I realized I still like csgo more it’s not because of the game that I like valorant it is because it is new at the end of the day I think all valorant can ever be for me is just a side game I can play if I get bored of csgo I don’t know if anyone else feels the same as me

    Big SealBig SealÉvvel
    • Good point

      youssef ahmedyoussef ahmed9 hónapja
  • what happened to your clan in csgo are you going to play tourments or not

    Killer BaoKiller BaoÉvvel
  • fat

    XD hahaXD hahaÉvvel
  • I generally hate peoples, who say "Valorant kill csgo, csgo is shit". I don't think, that developers of valorant want to rival with csgo. They probably thinking and want to, that valorant will be a good option to play beyond csgo.

  • I think that Valorant is a shit concept made good. You can’t combine csgo and over watch they are two completely different games that work better on there own. I think that it will die off like apex did to the battle royals

  • sure, but remember when blizzard copied tf2 with overwatch and valve didnt do anything?

    • Pretty sure that Valve has stopped caring about TF2. Unfortunately.

  • low iq

  • No csgo aint dying. The only thing that is gonna die is valorant's 12yo unvaccinated kid audience. No hate to victor

    • Lmao

  • Shalom Victor!

  • nice video

    Double O7xDouble O7xÉvvel
  • I don't understand why people are actually hyped for Valorant, it looks like a phone game.

  • I feel like valorant is too close to Overwatch

    Casper OlsenCasper OlsenÉvvel
  • 0:23 my nugget an roblox game had 1M players playin' on it at oNcE bruh *niGGa*

  • I love csgo, but it’s easy for me

    Alex MercerAlex MercerÉvvel
  • what happend u went from looking like a big narco now u look like u have a job

  • Nooo, Valorent is a fucking kids game like overwatch, apex and fornite

  • u sound *just slightly* (very much) like you just read a script, instead of talking

    • DO you know how to make youtube videos right? 98% of HUworldrs write a script or dot points to keep their video fluid without lots of "um, uh, hmm, maybe, i guess, etc:". Scripts are used, so obviously he was reading a dot point or script. What a weird comment.

  • I agree


    Warrior M.O.WWarrior M.O.WÉvvel
  • 0:17 "Cs cannot be killed by another game. Cs can only killed by valve" that makes sense.

    Sathvik ReddySathvik ReddyÉvvel
    • @Sathvik Reddy Please go back to school.

    • @Lofne "cs can only be killed by valve" from this wat i mean is cs can only be killed if valve releases another cs....i dint say valve is a game....Need Something Between the Ears to understand mah friend.

      Sathvik ReddySathvik ReddyÉvvel
    • Valve is not a game

  • Csgo bad kick 7 day ban bad karambit 1000$ bad account 2 cheater bad and valorant pro

  • JBH Valorant really just seems like a lower quality CSGO rip off. Its pretty much like how Creative Destruction coped Fortnite. I feel like Valorant will have One To Three months tops before it dies completely

  • Of course this game will not kill CS:GO. The whole ability aspect makes it an entirely different beast.

  • You got nice hair Bud.♥️🤗

    András PakulárAndrás PakulárÉvvel
  • Valorant is a good game but I somehow don't like riot games.

  • Sounds smart. Is it Victor for sure? :D

    Wojciech DWojciech DÉvvel
  • i know how cs could go even higher ( after valorant relase)

  • I don't like Valorant very much. The game seems fine, but the fact that it is owned by Tencent alone and that the anticheat is essentially malware installed onto your PC makes me never want to try it. Mutahar from Someordinarygamers made a good video analyzing this, I'd suggest to give it a watch

  • I dont understand why ppl like this game so much. I have played it a couple of times and its too simple and boring compared to csgo in my opinion. Its pretty overrated

  • Csgo only can kill by valve 😂😂

  • VICTOR: FPS SHOOTERS , First Person Shooter Shooters ? Xd Victor JObless

    Dark SoulsDark SoulsÉvvel
  • Pretty fair points

    creepy hanzocreepy hanzoÉvvel
  • Valorant is ass

  • Meanwhile TF2 hasn’t got a update for 2.5 years

  • Nice short vid. I've played cs in 4 years and Im GE in csgo and lvl 9 on faceit (without premium) im also a lol player but as your saying if u get challenger in lol u could get some opportunities for your future. In cs u just get a icon its kinda wack in my opinion. Great video love it even tho its short i really enjoy valorant aswell so keep up your good work :D

    Luca DamgaardLuca DamgaardÉvvel
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    Ral lokRal lokÉvvel
  • Your new job should be a video game reviewer, they make a lot of money tbh $$.

  • Valorqnt looks good but counter strike is a game i dont think ill stop playing

    Rodrigo MonteiroRodrigo MonteiroÉvvel
  • 0:45 dounch down?

  • No tf2 is the warcraft of shooters

    Sloppy JoeSloppy JoeÉvvel
  • nah imma stick with csgo I dont want a anti cheat that has full access to my pc imma stick with the game which doesnt look like it was made for mobile

    Добромир СтояновДобромир СтояновÉvvel
    • 陳怡秀 no vac runs at ring 3, not ring 0

    • But CSGOs anti cheat does have full access in kernal, so does Fortnight, PubG, For Honor and most other games. The ONLY difference is that their anti cheat only turns on when you load the game, where Vanguard boots up with your PC. Riot have not fucked up in a decade, so take their word for it when they say its safe. They're offering a $100 000 reward to anyone who can show them how to hack it and take data. Sharkware and other programs people are using are constantly watching Vanguard and HOPING for it to take data, but so far it has not done so. If someone wants to hack you, they can always just find your mouse driver and hack that, level 3 access is plenty enough to take your info, Kernal is not needed. Be skeptical, but don't be hateful.

  • I uninstalled the game but good video, clear point, tbh I thought you wanted to go pro in Valtorbat

    • If I keep enjoying the game, then maybe I will go pro. But we'll see.

    • How much gbs there was to download men

  • can som one giv me a csgo knife please>:)

  • yes

    Rasputin's PimpRasputin's PimpÉvvel
  • I just want a key :(

  • Valorant aint going to kill cs go...the only thing thats "dying" are the kids complaining about cs go being "dead" if anybody would have taken the arguement that "this game is a cs go killer seriously" cs go would have died about 200 trillion times alreadybut apparently cs go has about a million players every day playing the game and even higher amounts whenever stuff gets updated

    Ghost MarineGhost MarineÉvvel
    • Hey thanks for the like Blizy ! i will definetly start watching more Content about Valorant thou it looks okay and i will definetly try it ^^'' Anyway hope you stay safe and Keep up the good work Blizy!

      Ghost MarineGhost MarineÉvvel
  • Cs never die

    Abolfazl HatamiAbolfazl HatamiÉvvel
  • lord valorant takes cheaters from cs thank god

  • bruh, you are talking about wanting more updates to csgo, when tf2 didint have a update in 2 years

    • But tf2 was valves ugly child. Dota is 1 favorite then csgo. So there's an exception no?

    • True ;-;

      Rodrigo MonteiroRodrigo MonteiroÉvvel
  • victor men go tryhard and be top 200 or top 100 even

  • only an increase in players after Valorant came out XDD

  • The player count of csgo is increasing day by day because cheaters hack in non prime mm and they get banned and than they create new acc thats why the player count is increasing day by day and yeah i think that Valorant will beat csgo if valve doesnt do anything about their anticheat

    • yeah you are right they dont care

    • those cheats have existed for so long its really is a bummer they just don't care

      grajt namnamsgrajt namnamsÉvvel
  • How can you still hit on Valve? They have improved massively the last months.. New operation. New maps. Gun balancing etc..

    • I think its becoz theres an umpcoming competitor in valorant and thats a GOOD thing for VALVE to just get better. they've been lazy for too long

      grajt namnamsgrajt namnamsÉvvel
  • Anomaly copypaste😂

  • In my family, we carry a specific gene that makes us at risk for cancer. My mother, god rest her soul, contracted breast cancer at the age of 30, and as a child I had to watch her pass at age five. It broke my heart to know my sister had been diagnosed last year, and she's fighting to stay alive despite having a terminal diagnosis. This year, doctors have confirmed, by some miracle, that I don't carry that gene. I have never cried so hard in my life, knowing that I'll be spared despite this illness afflicting my entire family. It's a real shame that seeing valorant gave me cancer anyway.

  • Sorry but i hate valorant you cant play solo que because oh the heros

    Perhaps im a eggPerhaps im a eggÉvvel
    • grajt namitmit but there has every body the same things but by valorant ther are better mach ups and worse

      Perhaps im a eggPerhaps im a eggÉvvel
    • its the same for CS.GO cant communicate properly in solo.

      grajt namnamsgrajt namnamsÉvvel
  • Honestly, Valorant looks very unappealing to me.

    • @grajt namnams I'm not saying that nobody should play it, come on, I said 'to me'. I don't mind this game at all.

    • @Radosaint i dont mind the graphics, I get you but hey its better to have 2 games to play rather than just 1. i think u will enjoy the game play if u tried it. mostly plays like CS close to 1.6 than GO. the abilities just an added flavor r mechanics.

      grajt namnamsgrajt namnamsÉvvel
    • @grajt namnams I'm not mad at this game, it just looks like overwatch and fortnite at the same time.

    • people have different taste but give it a chance I enjoy CS GO and VAlorant. i think it can coexists like league of legends and dota 2

      grajt namnamsgrajt namnamsÉvvel
  • I think cs will have less players than usual for a month or two maybe, and then it’ll go back to normal

    andy pandyandy pandyÉvvel
    • Absolutely

      Amit ShindeAmit ShindeÉvvel
  • Damn you are the many good at Valorant :))

  • Not gonna lie, Victor but cs is already dead xd :( Its a sad thing but since panorama and cs became free to play it hella died :(

    Per Oscar LarsenPer Oscar LarsenÉvvel
    • Per Oscar Larsen csgo broke its most amount of players recently so it’s not dying

      Sirdanielpay llSirdanielpay llÉvvel
    • @letter h I had a average of 50 friends playing cs at all time, 2 years back. Now i have like 3. That says a lot to me personally.

      Per Oscar LarsenPer Oscar LarsenÉvvel
  • valiant sucks idk how ppl like it

    oRectles the yeageristoRectles the yeageristÉvvel
    • have u tried it ?? I like CS.GO and valorant at the same time.

      grajt namnamsgrajt namnamsÉvvel
  • I think it won't do much after a few months since there are a lot of problems with Valorant because it runs ring 0 access on your computer opening a backdoor to the TenCent company in China, unless they change their anti cheat I don't think this game will go too far after a few months.

    Rero ThijssenRero ThijssenÉvvel
  • csgo needs to move to source 2 to make game better

    dusty reaperdusty reaperÉvvel
  • Valorant is kinda shady man they have a shitty anti cheat😳

    • i think riot as an American company and mostly American employees will let that happen even if tencent is their boss.

      grajt namnamsgrajt namnamsÉvvel
  • valorant looks like shit the graphic is identical to paladins and the gameplay is like cs go + overwatch honestly shittiest game i've seen I cant believe people play this trash. If you would ask me to Describe the game it would be something like this "if overwatch + paladins + cs go had a baby that was autistic and wasnt dropped when it was born but LEGIT GOT DUNKED INTO THE TRASHCAN AND GREW UP BY EATING TRASH AND FIGHTING RATS and now its grown up to this autistic game

  • Even though I don't like valorant that much, I still hope it thrives so cs can improve and I can laugh at the people that say it's just a hyped game

    Nguyễn TrinhNguyễn TrinhÉvvel
    • exactly, if Valve does not get off their ass, they won't kill CSGO but Valorant will overtake it's numbers just like Riot did to Dota. People were like "Leagues a shit rip off it will die" but 12 years later league is rocking over 120 million active players and only gaining more with more servers being opened in asia and middle east. Riot don't let a game die, so this will force fierce competition if Valve want's CSGO to stay on top. It is a win win for the gamers of both games.

    • like league of legends to dota 2

      grajt namnamsgrajt namnamsÉvvel
  • Bruh csgo is getting so many uptades... Look at tf2

    Mister JaeMister JaeÉvvel
  • Hahaha in league if ur high rank ur not respected player u fucking pussy ass trash who dosent flame or you just get boosted by korean or you buy account for 10 dollars

    Team WhisperersTeam WhisperersÉvvel
  • cant agree more

  • Valorant is shit

  • 1:23 It also has rootkit anticheat :)

    Marek ChrenMarek ChrenÉvvel
    • @Ghost Marinelol this shit game still looks like its for Android

      Andrei ZahariaAndrei ZahariaÉvvel
    • @letter h but guys its just an anti cheat they promised to never take any information at all i mean it is TENCENT we are talking about here

      Ghost MarineGhost MarineÉvvel
  • i think that once the game fully comes out it will kill the csgo numbers a lot at the start but people will go back to csgo quickly

    • @grajt namnams yeah most likely

    • it will just divide audience like the success of DOTA 2 and league of legends they coexisted

      grajt namnamsgrajt namnamsÉvvel
  • Csgo will not die enjoy video but I will probably play valorant with some irl friends very nice Also why you not stream but instead play while anomaly steam with Alex plz stream :D thank you

    Kire TVKire TVÉvvel
  • eyaeyo val is nice

    moe thormoe thorÉvvel
  • Only thing dying is ur channel lmao jk

  • There are no chickens in Valorant

    H4NZz iwnlH4NZz iwnlÉvvel
  • this is like fortnite vs apex legends, in the past

    Febre Amarela TONDELAFebre Amarela TONDELAÉvvel
    • @germanfish apex

      Febre Amarela TONDELAFebre Amarela TONDELAÉvvel
    • Tf2?

    • nah more like dota 2 and league of legends

      grajt namnamsgrajt namnamsÉvvel
  • Why does the graphics look like fps fortnite?

    • they design so that low spec computers can run it. many people loves to play but dont have high spec pc coz of money.

      grajt namnamsgrajt namnamsÉvvel
    • uses same engine

      dusty reaperdusty reaperÉvvel
  • everyone shut up it's just a hyped game like other games when they launch And the hype is gonna go away

    • You were right lol

      A. Q.A. Q.10 hónapja
    • i thinks its going to be like league of legends is to DOTA 2. i enjoy both valorant and CS.go . nothing but if they coexisted and I think its better to have valorant. VALVE been lazy with CS.go time for them to improve or do something.

      grajt namnamsgrajt namnamsÉvvel
  • I like these style of videos good job Victor

    1059 - Yash Aryan1059 - Yash AryanÉvvel
  • totaly agreed on blizy´s opinion. Valve needs some Competitors in order to improve Csgo

    erik pizzaerik pizzaÉvvel
  • csgo is best valorant suck this game have like 1k people but csgo have 1m this is like overwatch

    • its gonna be like league of legends to DOTA 2. i enjoy both csgo and valorant

      grajt namnamsgrajt namnamsÉvvel
  • CS.GO will not die becous its the most popular e-sports game

    oskar Mazurkiewiczoskar MazurkiewiczÉvvel
    • i think league of legends is the most popular one. but I love CS.GO but valve been cad for so long its time for a change that will make valve do more coz of competition.

      grajt namnamsgrajt namnamsÉvvel
  • 🦛

  • victor best

  • Valorant looks so bad :-O how to make the throw up smiley ah 🤮

    • grajt namitmit ok, i have to try. I dont se the connection between the two games though. It looks more like a anime game where you can throw fireballs and stuff... whereas csgo has a more realistic approach.

    • I play CS.GO but i also enjoy valorant dude the gameplay is solid.

      grajt namnamsgrajt namnamsÉvvel
  • This is a pretty shity game in my opinion

    • opinions change ahhahah. I love both games

      grajt namnamsgrajt namnamsÉvvel
  • fat

  • Haix theory says MABYE when valorant hype dies valve MIGHT release source 2 which is 200iq move and I agree

    • I agree too

      Amit ShindeAmit ShindeÉvvel
    • Valorant hype will die when there will be no more drops, just like escape from Tarkov did

      Tomaž JuhartTomaž JuhartÉvvel
  • But Blizy... Valve is trying to kill CS for years! but somehow ppl hold on to it :D

    Slavic SavageSlavic SavageÉvvel
  • Why the fuck does everyone think this game will kill csgo like this game looks like any other knock off, it dosent look intersting at all the only reason people give a shit is because it was made by riot like shit guys chill its just gonna be another shitty shooter

  • Viktor you should be an analyst

    Mark LuMark LuÉvvel
  • Staff in chat - Hide! Nice Vid ;)

    Alex PisaniAlex PisaniÉvvel