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In this video I got really unlucky. It's probably my unluckiest case opening ever. I open prisma 2 csgo cases. The video is really funny and a bit longer than usual
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  • Loving the vids

    John 4737John 4737Hónapja
  • 10:24 how does he know what it looks like haha

  • How do u get keys?

    Oskar AugustssonOskar Augustsson4 hónapja
  • last time i checked the steam market the player 2 is 1.3k dollars

    young skrubyoung skrub10 hónapja
  • STEFFE!!

    softc50softc5010 hónapja
  • do the mouse trap video but every pink u put a small mouse trap on ur wiener ;D

    Kristjan JuhansooKristjan Juhansoo10 hónapja
  • what do i need to do for cheap skins?

    NeatPaceNeatPace10 hónapja
  • Clickbait Victor !

    Butter CatButter Cat10 hónapja
  • more csgo gameplay videos.. they're fun

    berran345berran34510 hónapja
  • we have the same luck Blitzy :( im poor now

    Brian PettersenBrian Pettersen10 hónapja
  • När du snackade om Mac 7 skinnet sa du att du tycker att de ser ut som ngt från diablo elr nått men pricis innan de kom de upp reklam från raid shadow legend😂 this skin looks like it komes from raid shadow legend 😂

    Yung VTXYung VTX10 hónapja
  • Ur content is real good and I love ur vids about finding skins. Such a good video idea. U make amazing content. Keep it up!!

    Markos ProMarkos Pro10 hónapja
  • Rip off anomaly by the sounds of this video :D

    - HobbiT -- HobbiT -10 hónapja
  • JixerJixer10 hónapja
  • Jeff

    Joe SJoe S10 hónapja
  • Tbh i love yo content but i feel like its a little rip off of anomaly

  • Why do you just throw away money like that

    TheguyplayTheguyplay10 hónapja

    MR.MUHLIKMR.MUHLIK10 hónapja
  • let's do a trade-up noh?

    GhoSTHunT3RGhoSTHunT3R10 hónapja
  • I am soob scriped my guy please love my comment

    Nam sterNam ster10 hónapja
  • 6:42 : Yay! 6:45 : Nej

    Me1l0wMe1l0w10 hónapja
  • Blizy needs go fund me

    Froschthefrog FrogggFroschthefrog Froggg10 hónapja
  • it’s odd hearing alex do his own thing because i’ve always viewed him as a bg character for anomaly. cool to see him reach out and do this shit independently. very anomaly. very nice.

    copoutcopout10 hónapja
    • Blizy oh fuck lol my bad it’s odd hearing *victor* do his own thing because i’ve always viewed him as a bg character for anomaly. cool to see him reach out and do this shit independently. very anomaly. very nice.

      copoutcopout10 hónapja
    • Coupuot is high as balls he doesn't understand shit

      Horst MotykaHorst Motyka10 hónapja
    • My name (person who recorded video), is Victor. Alex is my brother, he was also in this video, but this isn't his channel. 😊👍🏻

      BlizyBlizy10 hónapja
  • inventory showcase? :)

    RävgataRävgata10 hónapja
  • Are you/were you Robbaz? Because you sound just like him.

    Helium FreakHelium Freak10 hónapja
  • Well, another unlucky openning

    GrumpyGrumpy10 hónapja
  • He is not virgin But a MEGA HÖMÖ

    XooMXooM10 hónapja
  • Can u do a tutorial of how to show damage u did in chat?

    HawaiHawai10 hónapja
  • How you get money for cases when you job'nt? 😏

    Nikolai FrøyenNikolai Frøyen10 hónapja
  • he be goblin in the start doe

    KaktuskakanKaktuskakan10 hónapja
  • If Viktor was optimus prime he would be called optimus pride

    ZhxvZhxv10 hónapja
  • 0:00 you sound like Marylin Manson

    CnotovskyCnotovsky10 hónapja
  • Victor go to skin club you can get a partnership and get free money

    William ZhouWilliam Zhou10 hónapja

    Gustavs GrundulisGustavs Grundulis10 hónapja
  • Älskar dina vidios sluta aldrig med HUworld

    Amomaly boboAmomaly bobo10 hónapja
  • When anomaly join :)))))

    cv.9cv.910 hónapja
  • Fat*

    cv.9cv.910 hónapja
  • can u and anomaly plizzz make a speedrunner vs hunter in minecraft???

    linuslinus10 hónapja
  • Does Blizy watch dream? Pog.

    ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻10 hónapja
  • Ones i opened 100 cases, i got only blues :>

    Veljko VuckovicVeljko Vuckovic10 hónapja
  • Discount anomaly

    sneKiSbacKsneKiSbacK10 hónapja
  • Boobies

    Nėjus JuščiusNėjus Juščius10 hónapja
  • I’m still the only patreon xD

    SS10 hónapja
  • Jobless man tried making money by opening cases ended up selling his house

    CircleBoiCircleBoi10 hónapja
  • i thought he was about to say “Hey guys it’s ya boy anomaly from sweden”

    marshal knutkomarshal knutko10 hónapja
  • I’ve subbed

    Spoon ForhuSpoon Forhu10 hónapja
  • when you talked about player one and player two i got super nostalgia from when me and my brother used to play playstation, i was always player two cus i was youngest

    SiqkSiqk10 hónapja
  • After this video Victor will be Streetman because he's homeless

    TrewTrew10 hónapja
  • F

    simon 69simon 6910 hónapja
  • 15:33

    ChrislampChrislamp10 hónapja
  • Reee

    Cyrex RedCyrex Red10 hónapja
  • you should do an opening and do a hide and seek server with your fans. Blues are hidden in easy spots and rarer skins are hidden better

    LiopioLiopio10 hónapja
  • ngl this title doesnt exactly make the video sound appealing

    ferd337ferd33710 hónapja
  • btw Grattis i förskott as they would have said in sweden lol

    Pand1zzTVPand1zzTV10 hónapja
  • why don’t you do a massive trade up with all the skins at the end and see what you get

    LeoLeo10 hónapja
  • 0:20 "the dream intro" lmao

    MillerMakes ArtMillerMakes Art10 hónapja
  • Hello Anomaly2

    jarry plundermenjarry plundermen10 hónapja
  • Why can't I have notifications for the channel smh

    va_anesva_anes10 hónapja
  • Anlaki:(

    SamuraiSamurai10 hónapja
  • Ya

    Nils RydbergNils Rydberg10 hónapja
  • You are like a dumber version of Chris Griffin. And that's why I love you

    JtãoJtão10 hónapja
  • MR budget anomaly y u so poor yes?

    BerthaBertha10 hónapja
  • Thanks to my patreons Patreons: Stone 5$

    MaPaTawiaMaPaTawia10 hónapja
  • rip off anomaly?

    Dylan VDylan V10 hónapja
  • I didn't know Anomaly had a 4th channel wtf

    Rage PlayerRage Player10 hónapja
  • How does he even pay rent

    I make your mom hornyI make your mom horny10 hónapja
  • gg

    Calle SchoffelmeerCalle Schoffelmeer10 hónapja

    VIBEVIBE10 hónapja
  • 13:30 and i hear Anomaly twice wtf

    Doppel_D SwaggerDoppel_D Swagger10 hónapja
  • 11:27 is very rare beacouse on this pistol is clover

    WP ME Oliwier 69WP ME Oliwier 6910 hónapja
  • Im starting to realize why Victor lost his job

    Le MacaronLe Macaron10 hónapja
  • Americans: Nife Victor : (K!)nife :

    SkarXSkarX10 hónapja
  • i like how we keep supporting his crippling gambling addiction

    Gabriel CardosoGabriel Cardoso10 hónapja
  • Ludwig? Is that you ?😂 Sorry, I know it's an old joke..

    jannic klichéjannic kliché10 hónapja
  • o no he sold his house to open cases

    Balkan BROBalkan BRO10 hónapja
  • I dont know what to comment so this is my comment

    Rainers AuninsRainers Aunins10 hónapja
  • Viktor, you need to find your own style. We're tired a bit of watching budget anomaly. You can do it much more better. Anyway, love your vids. With love from Russia

    Георгий ГГеоргий Г10 hónapja
  • Phan1omPhan1om10 hónapja
  • I like to watch someone spend money in different ways and have fun at the same time Greetings from Poland. JD

    KrzysztofKrzysztof10 hónapja
  • Victors wallet😅😅

    Rasmus JohanssonRasmus Johansson10 hónapja
  • You have to have anomaly with you to get knives, sorry victor lmao

    SolstaceSolstace10 hónapja
  • The fast,the furious and the jobless

    Andrei ZahariaAndrei Zaharia10 hónapja
  • and he still wants to hide skins

    XGrapplixXXGrapplixX10 hónapja
  • your wallet is empty now

    ABortnite _ABortnite _10 hónapja
  • what happened to your streaming?

    tp225tp22510 hónapja
  • I started watching this video 4hours ago and im resuming to watch it at 8pm (started at 3pm)

    SnapS6kSnapS6k10 hónapja
  • still without job

    binerbiner10 hónapja
  • 11:26 extremly rare ultra flower on hold thingy very extreme rare rarer then scar pattern ak very rare 500000$

    dragonidasdragonidas10 hónapja
  • You're able to open cases?

    SpottierSpottier10 hónapja
  • The AUG Midnight Lily uses the holo effect as well.

    MikoMiko10 hónapja
  • how to hell Blizy is MG 2?

    Assisttealer 43Assisttealer 4310 hónapja
  • ripoff annomaly intro LUL

    L1ghtscorpion 69L1ghtscorpion 6910 hónapja
  • Anomaly: *unboxes bluegem ak* Anomaly: *opens 3 or more knifes* Victor: *not stonks*

    McBuschmannMcBuschmann10 hónapja
    • he didnt unbox the ak

      dmdm10 hónapja
  • Sobbe or banne Yes?

    HxvocHxvoc10 hónapja
  • dreaaam time to mannhunt blizy for stealing intro

    DespeDespe10 hónapja

    krisby _mankrisby _man10 hónapja
  • Do tradeups with the rest of skins

    Erik MusaErik Musa10 hónapja
  • It says A

    Alp BayramogullariAlp Bayramogullari10 hónapja

    personepersone10 hónapja
  • I’ve always wondered why you use discord and teamspeak

    JaCrissspyJaCrissspy10 hónapja