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Anomaly and I play Pavlov aka VR CS:GO and it was the big funny :)
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  • Nice!

    Kenny XDKenny XD7 napja
  • Sheeeeeeeesh!

    AdikMusic OfficialTMAdikMusic OfficialTM8 napja
  • what vr setup are you using (i mean htc or oculus or something)

    potatopotato10 napja
  • is there any way i could play with you VR it seems like a lot of fun

    FLYFLY11 napja
  • Back spasms are now in vr!?

    mesodumbmesodumb14 napja
  • why tf does your laugh sound like monke

    MatasPlayZMatasPlayZ15 napja
  • hi team

    Average FanAverage Fan15 napja
  • gamer exercise be like:

    KolsakaKolsaka15 napja
  • I love the video Victorinho

    94Warv94Warv16 napja
  • Fat

    Yu zheYu zhe16 napja
  • I'm gay

    Yu zheYu zhe16 napja
  • thats csgo because they dont use sights...

    GrumpyGrumpy16 napja
  • OMG YOU ARE ALIVE oh lord

    TaitnTaitn16 napja
  • dude i got so happy when I asked u in senzuras chatt when a video was getting released and u said today dude

    Arvid Hahne WallmarkArvid Hahne Wallmark16 napja
  • The Russian roulette bit got me 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Milo NewnesMilo Newnes16 napja
  • 6:36 had me wheezing for 5 minutes straight no cap my stomach hurts from laughing 😂😂

    SPR Mehmet Emin SavaşSPR Mehmet Emin Savaş16 napja
  • This was great! :D

    Hattrick.Hattrick.16 napja
  • wow you uploaded

    Brennan CherryBrennan Cherry16 napja
  • This man is so underrated :)

    Kristoffer SennerblomKristoffer Sennerblom16 napja
  • Just watch Anomaly's video cool to see you POV Victor

    William ArsenaultWilliam Arsenault17 napja

    zGrizzzGrizz17 napja
  • Avocado

    HAMPYHAMPY17 napja
  • Where have you been how have you been paying rent? Even haix can now pay rent with youtube money lol

    Kire TVKire TV17 napja
  • numer one vicry royal

    Jacob TranJacob Tran17 napja
    • just wipd ont tomato town 😡

      Jacob TranJacob Tran17 napja
    • 10 kill on the board rite now 🤣

      Jacob TranJacob Tran17 napja
    • yea fornite we bota get down (gt down)

      Jacob TranJacob Tran17 napja
  • pog

    waveswaves17 napja
  • Victor: How do i run quicker? Ludde: I guess..... LOSE WEIGHT!

    DANDAN17 napja
  • i cannot belive anomoly copy video idea and release at same time. Many shames!

    FrupFrup17 napja
    • Indeed

      Le MonkeLe Monke17 napja
  • Do more of these XD

    PixelPixel17 napja
  • 13:10 was the funniest thing i ever saw in my entire life

    Rzuk 420Rzuk 42017 napja
  • The man finally does exercise in vr

    CatwithlsdCatwithlsd17 napja
  • Lol

    MohdsreturnMohdsreturn17 napja
  • Definetly not first

    BlastDonutBlastDonut17 napja
  • I got notifications from anomaly at the same time

    E FatanE Fatan17 napja
    • Got excited getting like from victor,but then I see all of the comment liked by him

      E FatanE Fatan16 napja
  • Imma watch this instead of mainstream fattys video. Love Victor 😚 No buttseks though

    Alex AceAlex Ace17 napja
  • Why copy anomaly

    rds 600rds 60017 napja
  • war crimes in pavlov (gone sexual)

    AnomalyAnomaly17 napja
    • gone like your foreskin

      kawalarzkawalarz17 napja
    • Feeling horns

      MohdsreturnMohdsreturn17 napja

      mamvelkou prdl123mamvelkou prdl12317 napja
    • ohno i do not want to become war criminal i am already wanted for 5 counts of home invasion in between the years of 2001 and 2008

      RafplayzRafplayz17 napja
  • Rare fotage of seagull police shooting a black person 1:23 .

    HAHAN'tHAHAN't17 napja
  • Last time I was this early you still had a job

    Gh0ulslayerGh0ulslayer17 napja
  • Anomaly posted this at the same time loool

    darkinfinityydarkinfinityy17 napja
  • fat

    noisnois17 napja
  • First

    BerkoBerko17 napja
  • first kappa

    Bot-chanBot-chan17 napja
  • Hello

    jamie Gustavssonjamie Gustavsson17 napja
  • ur mom gay blizy

    KingKing17 napja
  • whats up fat man

    Moldovan VladMoldovan Vlad17 napja
  • Blizy

    Alex HartwichAlex Hartwich17 napja
  • hi

    gipletgiplet17 napja